A Gradual Return

Hello, hello!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me over the years.

Life has been a busy one indeed.

I will slowly be making a turn back here owo I’m figuring things out still to have a better structure, speak with you all soon!

Until then

Much love, Ren β™₯


Hello, hello all.

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, also as well as made a vlog.

I have in fact created quiet a few vlogs, with no attempt to upload. I’ve reached a point where there’s so much wonder in my life.

Doors have closed and plenty have opened. All those doors which I am grateful. It has proven to be true that the harder you work the more opportunity comes knocking at your door.

I’ve doubted my abilities just to be proven wrong over and over again.

You should never doubt yourself, all those thoughts people put into your head. How you’re this and you’re that. That’s not true. What’s true is that you’re capable of great things as long as you pay for it. Everything in this world has a price. Your time, your heart, your words, your sweat, your tears, your money. You’re going to pay for your greatness. Personally speaking I’m willing to pay. Realize the importance of your existence. Be weary of the time you waste and those whom you choose to waste it with. Your greatness is waiting.

Until then

Much love, Ren β™₯


Wondering why my computer is cold. Somehow the cold air that I can’t feel it is feels

That nips a good portion of my studying in the butt unless I borrow someone else’s laptop xD and just run my data of of that.

Who knew computers could be so tempermatial x.x

Fortunately I also have physical material and a desktop woo!

*shows desktop*


Porsche and roch

It’s old but useful. An iMac 5,2
Only disadvantage is the lack of 64 kernel

I wanted to process the photos from the road trip there’s not many on my phoneΒ  😦


Indiana powerlines

This picture is on the way back home. Majority of the pictures on my phone are going home photos.

Going to keep trying to warm up my computer so I can post properly about my trip.

Until then

Much love, Ren β™₯

Reaffirmed Hope

Last week I took a mini retirement aka vacation. It felt so good. This is something that is guaranteed to happen  when I stay on the right track. (Notice I didn’t say if. There’s no well maybe it will happen. It’s going to happen for sure).

I truly needed the vacation to revive myself. I felt so overwhelmed by daily life. School work and health. Not to mention my goals.

Taking the step away was what I truly needed to relax. Of course me being me I brought everything with me and didn’t get to do much because I was enjoying life. Admiring all the beautiful things people miss out on. I truly enjoyed myself.

In life there are times where we need to step back from the world flow and focus on our peace of mind. We are constantly reminded on the daily that we never know when it will be our time. So why not explore our planet?

I will be blogging more about this next week. Yes I’ll show some of the pics I took, followed by another post on Friday πŸ™‚

Much love, Ren β™₯

Taking a Minute to THINK

Sometimes we forget our own words, letting negativity sneak in through the back door of our minds.

It’s easy for us to let ego take over in our decisions. What’s best for me? What’s in it for me?

We truly need a minute to think and negate our negativity. I don’t want , no, I don’t like this, I want it this way

We must learn to change our perspective even when it is best thought, it is wise to immediately know what you want. Do we really know what we want in the heat of a moment?

This was something I myself had to think about in the wee hours of the morning.

I decided, to reevaluate the situation. Forgetting I can do whatever it is that I do in any place of the world. Success will follow me, as long as I keep faith, as long as I keep pushing and making progress towards the goal. IT WILL HAPPEN.

I hope this was of some help to someone out there πŸ™‚
Much Love Ren β™₯

Watch “Days of Ren Week 5: Working out” on YouTube

Days of Ren Week 5: Working out: https://youtu.be/jiLx295Ttqo

Alright xD passed a Month woooo.
Going to have to change my hashtags to make myself easier to find πŸ™‚

Watch “Days of Ren Week 4: Focus” on YouTube

Days of Ren Week 4: Focus: https://youtu.be/FwK2eUqsU9g

Here’s week 4 of my vlog
Week 5 will be up this week πŸ™‚

Week 4 is about trying to keep focus

Thanks for watching!

Much Love, Ren β™₯

The Key

When you least expect it there it is, the key.

What you’ve been hoping for all this time.

For the longest, I’ve been having trouble just finding the spark.

The lack of self expression is quite common amongst me, so much repression of one’s desires.

By choice I decided no more. (Β‘no mΓ‘s!)

Now the creativity flows and a door is opened to me beyond epic proportion.

Today I worked on a new beat, which I plan to continue working on tomorrow.
I also had a meeting with one of my clients. To grasp a better understanding.

I’m following the greats because I want to be on their level or at least somewhere near their level^^

Whatever you desire , follow your heart, don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your destiny.

Also remember, our stories are not written in stone so pick up your pen and start writing :]

Much love, Ren β™₯

Watch “Days of Ren Week 3: Girl going hard on the MIDI” on YouTube

Days of Ren Week 3: Girl going hard on the MIDI: https://youtu.be/PSWf3ffopF8

Made Week 3 πŸ™‚ gotta keep it going!

Much love, Ren β™₯

Watch “Days of Ren Week 2: Inspiration” on YouTube

Days of Ren Week 2: Inspiration: https://youtu.be/DAxbDLKckpA

Hey you guys this is week 2 of my vlog. I would like to thank everyone for watching last weeks! Get ready for week three πŸ™‚

P.S. background track made by me. It’s called “Peekig” 😁

Much love, Ren β™₯